Join the Hot Buns Club

The crowd is chattering. Muffled music is blasting from inside the club.

You go to the door to see what all the excitement is about.

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A limited Digital Collection where the unique CollectaBao is also your entry to a steamy scene.

Each CollectaBao is a masterpiece, digitally randomized with over 200 mind-blowing traits: from fierce facial features to stylish footwear, accessories that scream attitude, captivating hand gestures, and even cool eyewear – these CollectaBaos showcase individuality. And let’s not forget, while all of them are hot, some have been steamed a little longer, adding an extra layer of flavor and value.

Your CollectaBao isn’t just an avatar or a piece of art, it’s your ticket to the exclusive Hot Buns Club, granting you access to a realm of members-only benefits. We’re offering: discounts on mouthwatering food and branded merch, double rewards points, and many other perks to be named later, including entry into The Steam Room, the ultimate hub where buns come to cook and members gather to share their thoughts. The Steam Room is currently under construction and will heat up soon.

While our initial first course sale offers an incredible selection, keep your napkin on your lap for additional courses to be minted from time to time. These offerings may come with different price tags, but trust us, the perks will be off the charts. And in case you were wondering, we held back about 200 CollectaBaos for future giveaways, rewards, and the Club’s secret indulgences.

The CollectaBaos are stored as tokens on the Polygon blockchain. Purchasing one is a breeze, you can splash the crypto or whip out your credit card. Prices start at just $99 USD, so you can snatch up your very own piece of digital glory.

To access the full power of the HBC, and all those exclusive benefits, you’ll need to sign into or create your Bao Bucks Rewards account to unlock the magic. Welcome to the party!